Tips & Tricks: How to Upgrade to OpenPKG Enterprise 1

December 24th, 2006 by Ralf S. Engelschall

By checking the OpenPKG Product Series & Branch Comparison Chart you certainly have observed that our absolute premium product is the OpenPKG Enterprise series and its E1.0-SOLID branch (aka OpenPKG Enterprise 1). It provides a rock-solid software distribution, the longest life-time of all branches, and especially the fully back-ported and hence backward-compatible security and bugfix updates.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to switch from OpenPKG Community 2-STABLE or CURRENT to OpenPKG Enterprise E1.0-SOLID:

  1. Purchase OpenPKG Enterprise 1
    Contact the sales department of the OpenPKG GmbH and order your OpenPKG Enterprise 1 Base Pack. The sales representative is happy to help you to figure out what the best combination of base pack and additional server entitlements is for your particular situation. Receive the OpenPKG Enterprise 1 product afterwards.
  2. Activate OpenPKG Enterprise 1
    Fill out the activation form on the OpenPKG Enterprise 1 portal with your contact details and the numbers on your received Product Activation Key and Entitlement Activation Key cards. As a return you receive back from the technical department of the OpenPKG GmbH your individual customer id and access password for the update fulfilment service.
  3. Download OpenPKG Enterprise 1
    Optionally copy the E1.0-RELEASE (about 1GB) from the “Source” DVD of the Media Kit (contained in the Base Pack) onto your local filesystem in order to speed up the initial downloading. Now use the access RSYNC URL you received to upgrade your distribution from E1.0-RELEASE to E1.0-SOLID by downloading the not publically available software updates.
  4. Upgrade to OpenPKG Enterprise 1
    Now upgrade your OpenPKG instance(s) to OpenPKG Enterprise 1 (E1.0-SOLID branch) with the following procedure:

    # switch instance to new distribution
    $ ( echo "TAG=E1.0-SOLID"; \
        echo "URL=path-to-your-distribution \
      ) >/openpkg/etc/openpkg/release# upgrade the bootstrap package
    $ /openpkg/bin/openpkg build openpkg | sh
    # upgrade the tools package
    $ if  /openpkg/bin/openpkg rpm -q openpkg-tools >/dev/null; then \
          /openpkg/bin/openpkg rpm -e openpkg-tools; \
          /openpkg/bin/openpkg build openpkg-tools | sh; \
    # shutdown all services
    $ /openpkg/bin/openpkg rc all stop
    # upgrade all packages
    $ /openpkg/bin/openpkg build -ZaKB | sh
    # resolve configuration upgrade conflicts
    $ find /openpkg/etc -name "*.rpm*" -print
    $ cd /openpkg/etc/package
    $ diff -u3 file.rpmsave file | more
    $ vi file.rpmsave
    $ cp -p file.rpmsave file
    $ rm -f file.rpmsave
    # check integrity of instance
    $ /openpkg/bin/openpkg rpm -Va
    # start all services again
    $ /openpkg/bin/openpkg rc all start

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