RPM relaunched under rpm5.org

June 5th, 2007 by Ralf S. Engelschall

I recently provided a completely new infrastructure to Jeff Johnson’s RPM Package Manager project. The infrastructure is now online and reachable under the new cialis canadian pharmacy buy generic cialis domain rpm5.org. The RPM project was officially relaunched there together with a new development roadmap towards RPM 5.

Since a few weeks I’m now closely following my personal agenda for RPM 5 and OpenPKG:

  • step 1: provide new RPM project infrastructure from scratch (CVS repository, CVS browser, mailing lists, website, download area, RSS/Atom feeds, etc)
  • step 2: support Jeff Johnson in establishing the new project team.
  • step 3: import and cleanup the old cvs.rpm.org CVS repository (dangling symlinks, generated but versioned files, broken CVSROOT/history file, etc)
  • step 4: modernize the Autoconf/Automake based build environment (with a sophisticated RPM_CHECK_LIB macro) to allow RPM to flexibly build against third-party libraries.
  • step 5: forward port all cross-platform fixes from OpenPKG’s bootstrap package.
  • step 6: forward port some of the reusable features from OpenPKG’s RPM (Class header, %test and %track sections, etc)
  • step 7: upgrade OpenPKG-CURRENT from the ancient RPM 4.2.1 to the latest RPM 5 snapshot version.

Until now we had reasonable progress, although the required efforts are rather large. Nevertheless, as of 2007-06-21 we I’ve now already completed the first 4 of the 7 steps above. I’m already very pleased with the results we achieved within such a short time.

More news on our efforts on rpm5.org will be posted to this BLOG on-demand…

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