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RPM relaunched under rpm5.org

Posted By Ralf S. Engelschall On Tuesday, June 5, 2007 @ 7:55 In Hacking,OpenPKG | No Comments

I recently provided a completely new infrastructure to Jeff Johnson’s RPM Package Manager project. The infrastructure is now online and reachable under the new cialis canadian pharmacy [1] buy generic cialis [1] domain rpm5.org [2]. The RPM project was officially relaunched [3] there together with a new development roadmap [3] towards RPM 5.

Since a few weeks I’m now closely following my personal agenda for RPM 5 and OpenPKG:

  • step 1: provide new RPM project infrastructure from scratch (CVS repository, CVS browser, mailing lists, website, download area, RSS/Atom feeds, etc)
  • step 2: support Jeff Johnson in establishing the new project team.
  • step 3: import and cleanup the old cvs.rpm.org CVS repository (dangling symlinks, generated but versioned files, broken CVSROOT/history file, etc)
  • step 4: modernize the Autoconf/Automake based build environment (with a sophisticated RPM_CHECK_LIB macro) to allow RPM to flexibly build against third-party libraries.
  • step 5: forward port all cross-platform fixes from OpenPKG’s bootstrap package.
  • step 6: forward port some of the reusable features from OpenPKG’s RPM (Class header, %test and %track sections, etc)
  • step 7: upgrade OpenPKG-CURRENT from the ancient RPM 4.2.1 to the latest RPM 5 snapshot version.

Until now we had reasonable progress [6], although the required efforts are rather large. Nevertheless, as of 2007-06-21 we I’ve now already completed the first 4 of the 7 steps above. I’m already very pleased with the results we achieved within such a short time.

More news on our efforts on rpm5.org will be posted to this BLOG on-demand…

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