engelschall.com relaunched with “the gang” design

July 3rd, 2007 by Ralf S. Engelschall

Many people were not able to recognize that I’m both a computer scientist and project manager and a software artist and solution engineer. Some people, when seeing me wearing a suit or at least my usual combination of a black turtleneck and a jacket, on the first spot think I’m one of those pure IT managers without any real clue about technologies. Some others, when seeing me casually dressed, on the first spot think I’m one of those geeks without any living beside computers. Sure, this is just the usual first spot and once one starts explaining the own career one can resolve this problem. But wouldn’t it be better if I could improve already this first spot?

Well, this is hard in real life (at least as long as you wear just a single dressing per time), but for at least those people visiting my website it should be possible, I thought. So what to do? Well, this weekend my wife took our digicam and created a few photos of me — in my usual dressing according to the role I’m on the road. I’ve then fired up Photoshop and assembled the photos to a faked group photo: the gang. This is certainly strange to some extend, but really serves the purpose, I think. At least once I’ve also fired up ImageMagick and Vim and wrapped a whole little website around this photo material!

I’ve now spontaneously migrated the small content of my old private website over to this new one and published it as my new personal “business card” under the well known location engelschall.com.

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