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10 days, 6 languages, …

Posted By Ralf S. Engelschall On Sunday, September 16, 2007 @ 11:19 In Hacking,Musing | No Comments

The last two weeks I’ve first coded in my lovely C and the neat Java programming languages for developing the Java JNI-based bindings to my OSSP uuid [1] C library. Then I worked on key management functionality for OSSP ase [2] (a web application) in my preferred web programming languages Perl (backend) and JavaScript (frontend). Finally, the last days I was forced to switch over to programming in C++ (main application) and Lua (run-time hooks and extensions) while hacking on a NETSYNC-based access control functionality for the distributed version control system Monotone [3].

So, I ended up coding in 6 different programming languages in the short time range of just about 10 man-days. Such speedy switching of the software artist’s tools is not something I like very much, but it at least keeps one trained this way ;-) Now, at the weekend, I’m reflecting this programming expedition and recognize a few experiences which are IMHO worth noting in my BLOG.

thesis creator [4]

Let me share my train of thoughts in the following three BLOG articles about 1. Java Native Interface (JNI), 2. Lua and embedding a scripting language into applications, and 3. distributed version control versus central access control.

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