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RPM 5.0 and OpenPKG in 2008

Posted By Ralf S. Engelschall On Saturday, December 15, 2007 @ 13:23 In OpenPKG,RPM | No Comments

With the RPM 5 project team [1] we are in the middle of the official release engineering phase for RPM 5.0. Details of the proposed release engineering roadmap for RPM 5.0 can be found under http://rpm5.org/roadmap.php [2]. The latest step towards RPM 5.0.0 (scheduled for release in January 2008) is the release of RPM 5.0b2 today. Find it under the rpm5.org [3] files area http://rpm5.org/files/rpm/rpm-5.0/ [4].

RPM 5 is now considered stable enough to be test-driven in real packaging environments.

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For this we have OpenPKG [6] already upgraded to RPM 5 in our lab and everything still worked fine (again). All OpenPKG feature patches were even merged into the rpm5.org [3] code base recently (although have to be explicitly enabled via -DRPM_VENDOR_OPENPKG during building).

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Now we are mainly polishing RPM 5 on rpm5.org and trying it out in production environments like OpenPKG. The results so far look very promising. We especially plan to upgrade the official OpenPKG very soon to RPM 5 and this way together with the release of RPM 5.0 even a full software distribution will be available which is already based on RPM 5.

As lots of efforts in 2007 were put by us into RPM 5 (on rpm5.org) and the RPM 5 based OpenPKG (at openpkg.com), the forthcoming OpenPKG in 2008 is planned to look different from a bare product perspective. We especially are attempting to simplify the currently too complex OpenPKG world. Nevertheless, there will be an official upgrade path from today’s RPM 4 based OpenPKG to the new RPM 5 based OpenPKG. Watch out for announcements in January.

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