RPM Package Manager (RPM) version 5.0.0 released

January 5th, 2008 by Ralf S. Engelschall

After seven months of comprehensive development, I’ve today branched RPM 5.0 in the rpm5.org CVS repository, rolled RPM 5.0.0 release tarball and announced the availability of this brand-new RPM version with an official press release.

I’m very happy about the recent evolution of RPM, as it especially provides our OpenPKG a lot new possibilities. Since a few weeks we also have the forthcoming and announced OpenPKG Framework already upgraded to this brand-new ackaging solution. We are still busy in providing a totally smooth upgrade path for today’s OpenPKG-CURRENT, but the OpenPKG community can expect the new RPM 5 based OpenPKG Framework to be available from openpkg.org for public testing soon, too. OpenPKG will be one of the first full-size Unix software distributions driven by the new RPM 5.

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Read the RPM 5 press release for more details, please.

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