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My boyfriend possesses great deal of feminine buddies. Dealing with this?

Friday, July 17th, 2020

My boyfriend is quite confident, charming and simple to speak with. He is additionally perhaps perhaps not super laddy and can relate solely to girls without difficulty while he’s got 2 siblings. Obviously this can be wonderful it also means he has A LOT of female friends for me but. He’s a well known man and has a great number of male buddies yet still around 25:75 male to female. A few of these feminine buddies he is quite near to plus they chat regularly with plenty of kisses etc. We haven’t expected about their history with some of them because I do not wish to appear jealous.

We myself have actually several male buddies therefore it is not too I fundamentally think there is any such thing incorrect with buddies associated with the sex that is opposite. But the means we treat them is extremely various. I really do not text them regularly or fuss over them.

Tbh, it sort of makes me see him in a various light now i am aware exactly how many girls he is buddies with. Appears strange but kinda see him as more of a ****boy now. [more…]