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Be In Her Mind, Get Inside Her Bed

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Be In Her Mind, Get Inside Her Bed

Q&A: Should We Purchase The Lady A Drink?

Question:Hey guys love everything you do, but I’ve constantly wondered why most of the PUA community constantly states you shouldn’t buy a woman a glass or two. I’ve always considered it a elegant work and it shows her that I’m interested. What’s the deal that is big investing a small money on her behalf?

Answer:While there is reallyn’t such a thing incorrect with purchasing a woman you simply came across a glass or two, it truly does not have any impact you or not whether she likes. In regards to the only thing it’s best for is emptying out your money quickly, causing you to be needing to go back into the ATM early and frequently. Most frequently a girl will turn along the offer because then she’d feel “obligated” to communicate with you. [more…]