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Of Mice and Guys. From Lennie stroking his dead puppy into the barn to Curley leading a mob of males to locate and destroy Lennie

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

Its Sunday afternoon and Lennie is alone within the barn, sitting within the hay and stroking the dead human anatomy of their puppy. He foretells himself, asking your pet why it passed away: “You ain’t so small as mice. I did son’t jump you difficult. ” Stressing that George may be annoyed and won’t allow him enhance the rabbits on the farm, he begins to bury it into the hay. He chooses to inform George which he discovered it dead then again realizes that George will discover through this lie. Frustrated, he curses the dog for hurls and dying it throughout the space. Quickly, however, Lennie retrieves the puppy, shots it once again, and reasons that perhaps George won’t care, considering that the puppy suggested absolutely nothing to George.

Himself, Curley’s wife enters and sits beside him as he talks to. He hastily hides the puppy and tells her that George ordered him not to ever talk to her. She reassures him that it is safe for him to keep in touch with her, pointing down that one other guys are occupied having a horseshoe tournament exterior and certainly will not interrupt them. She discovers the puppy and systems him about its death, declaring that “the entire nation is fulla mutts. ” She then complains about her loneliness additionally the treatment that is cold gets through the ranch-hands. She tells Lennie about her goals of living a life that is different. [more…]