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The three Brazilian brides that are challenging the family unit that is traditional

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

A notary has “married” a trio of females in Rio de Janeiro, the 2nd union that is such be recognized prior to the legislation in Brazil

A businesswoman, a dentist that is feminine a female administrative supervisor have actually been able to turn the concept of a normal Brazilian household on its mind, after recently making their relationship official before a notary in Rio de Janeiro.

“We are a household and our union may be the item of y our love for just one another,” stated the businesswoman in an meeting because of the O Globo daily.

Among the recently married females

“I am planning to have a baby so we are get yourself ready for this, including considering it in economic terms. This legalization of the union is really a real method to stop the infant, and us, from being kept unprotected by the legislation,” one of many three brides told the press.

The union marked the time that is second a trio has tied up the knot under Brazil’s 2003 civil unions legislation, which includes paved the way in which for legal recognition of same-sex partnerships. In 2012, two females – a cashier and an administrative associate – chose to formalize a male architect to their union in Sao Paulo.

The three females, that have resided together for the past 3 years, finalized a document that acknowledges them as a family group, establishes a prenuptial contract, and provides them legal rights in order to make medical choices for just one another need some of them become ill.

In line with the notary filing, they will have decided to enable the businesswoman in order to become expecting through synthetic insemination. The infant shall just just simply take their three surnames. [more…]