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O.C.G.A. 42-1-12 active through the 2019 Regular Session regarding the General Assembly

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

State Sexual Offender Registry

(a) As utilized in this short article, the expression: (1) “Address” means the road or route target for the intimate offender’s residence. The term shall not mean a post office box for purposes of this Code section. (2) “correct official” means: (A) pertaining to a intimate offender whom is sentenced to probation without the phrase of incarceration when you look at the state jail system or that is sentenced pursuant to Article 3 of Chapter 8 of the name, concerning very first offenders, the Department of Community Supervision; (B) with regards to an intimate offender that is sentenced to a time period of incarceration in a jail beneath the jurisdiction associated with Department of Corrections and who’s later released from jail or added to probation, the commissioner of corrections or his / her designee; (C) with regards to a intimate offender who’s put on parole, the chairperson associated with State Board of Pardons and Paroles or their designee; and (D) pertaining to an intimate offender that is positioned on probation through a personal probation agency, the manager associated with the personal probation agency or his / her designee. (3) “Area where minors congregate” shall consist of all public and parks that are private entertainment facilities, playgrounds, skating rinks, community facilities, gymnasiums, college bus stops, general public libraries, and general general public and community pools. (4) “Assessment requirements” means the tests that the board people used to figure out the chance that the intimate offender will commit another criminal offenses against a target who’s a small or commit a dangerous offense that is sexual. (5) “Board” means the Offender Registration Review that is sexual Board. (6) “son or daughter care center” means all general public and pre-kindergarten that is private, youngster care learning facilities, preschool facilities, and long-lasting care facilities for the kids. (6.1) “Child care center that is learning shall have the exact same meaning as established in paragraph (2) of Code Section 20-1A-2. (7) “Church” means a location of public worship that is religious. (8) “Conviction” features a judgment that is final of entered upon a verdict or choosing of accountable of a crime, a plea of bad, or a plea of nolo contendere. [more…]