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A typical blunder whenever combining sentences utilizing the – ing

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Hanging Modifiers

A mistake that is common combining sentences with the – ing verb form is always to misplace the modifier such that it is certainly not logically attached to the rest of the phrase. This produces a dangling modifier . Glance at the following example:

Running over the parking great deal, my breathing expanded ragged and superficial.

In this phrase, running over the parking area generally seems to alter my breathing. The sentence should be rewritten so that the subject is placed immediately after the modifier or added to the dangling phrase since breath cannot jog.

Running over the parking area, we felt my breath grow ragged and shallow.

Joining Modifier

Some sentences are combined utilizing an – ed verb type— stopped, finished, played. To utilize this technique, one of many sentences must include a form of be as an assisting verb as well as the – ed verb type. Take a good look at the following example:

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