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No licensee shall just just take any promise or note to pay for by which blanks are kept become filled in after execution.

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

Any licensee or any other one who willfully violates part 1321.13 of this Revised Code shall forfeit towards the debtor twice the total amount of interest contracted for. The maximum interest rate relevant to virtually any loan deal that doesn’t conform to all conditions of part 1321.13 for the Revised Code shall end up being the price that might be relevant when you look at the lack of parts 1321.01 to 1321.19 regarding the Revised Code.

No licensee shall pledge or hypothecate any note or safety written by any borrower except having a person living or maintaining an accepted bar or nightclub in this state or with a bank authorized to transact business in this state, under an understanding allowing the unit of finance institutions to look at the documents therefore hypothecated. [more…]