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Myths & Facts. Myth: It is always or often a violent criminal activity

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Reality: the most myth that is pervasive peoples trafficking is the fact that it constantly – or frequently – involves kidnapping or else actually forcing somebody into a predicament. The truth is, many human being traffickers utilize emotional means such as for instance tricking, defrauding, manipulating or threatening victims into providing commercial intercourse or exploitative work.

Misconception: All individual trafficking involves sex that is commercial

Truth: Human trafficking may be the utilization of force, fraudulence or coercion to obtain another individual to supply work or sex that is commercial. Internationally, professionals think there are many more circumstances of work trafficking than of intercourse i was reading this trafficking. Nevertheless, there is certainly much wider understanding of intercourse trafficking in the us than of work trafficking.

Myth: just undocumented international nationals get trafficked in america

Truth: Polaris spent some time working on tens of thousands of situations of trafficking involving internationwide nationwide survivors whom are lawfully residing and/or employed in the usa. Included in these are survivors of both labor and sex trafficking. [more…]