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The Beardie (Pogona spp), a indigenous of Australia, has become found global as a pet that is popular

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Anecdotal reports suggest that it’s needs to surpass the Iguana since the favored pet reptile in the us. In Australia it really is discovered commonly distributed in the great outdoors, although strict wildlife laws imply that it really is fairly abnormally kept as being a animal.

It’s a part associated with the household Agamidae the dragon lizards – a team of lizards found throughout the western Pacific, Australia, Indo-Malaysia, Asia and Africa. This household is represented in Australia by the Beardie, water dragons, the Lizard that is frilled and other types. Many agamids are terrestrial, although several are semi-arboreal. They’ve been oviparous, frequently laying their eggs in superficial burrows.

You will find eight sub-species of Bearded Dragons:

a. P. barbata the Eastern Beardie; located on the eastern coast of Australia.

b. P. [more…]