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Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Transfer Has Between Your JACC Journals

In case a JACC journals’ Editor-in-Chief and/or the board determines that the manuscript is way better designed for a cousin journal, the sibling journal EiC is very first consulted to see in case a transfer is warranted. The paper is issued a rejection if it is determined, that the paper is not suitable for a transfer offer. In the event that sibling journal EiC determines they might welcome the transfer, they need to declare which kind of transfer they wish to provide the writers. When the transfer offer is granted, the writers result in the determination about whether or not to ever accept the transfer offer.

Then the sister journal’s Guest Editor-in-Chief makes the determination about whether or not the paper should be offered a transfer if a paper that one board would like to transfer to contains an author that has a potential conflict to the sister journal board (e.g., an author on a paper is a member of the sister journal’s editorial board. [more…]