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In the conversation of this automaton, Lacan goes one step further and asserts that beyond this automaton there clearly was another more terrifying encounter — because of the genuine:

Friday, August 28th, 2020

“the true is beyond the automaton, the return, the coming-back, the insistence of the indications, through which we see ourselves governed by the pleasure concept. The true is the fact that which always lies behind the automaton, and it’s also quite obvious, throughout Freud’s research, it is this this is the item of their concern. ” 15 Lacan highlights, nonetheless, that this encounter with all the genuine is often a missed encoun- ter plus one this is certainly inassimilable within our waking life (55). Aspirations provide a mere glimpse with this encounter: “Is not the fantasy essentially, one might state, an act of homage to the reality that is missed the truth that will not any longer create it self except by saying it self endlessly, in certain never gained awakening? ” (58). A thing, his dream reveals that there is a far more traumatic Thing — the encounter with the real of the maternal body, which is experienced in his dream as a traumatic vision of incest and necrophilia although Frankenstein calls his creature. [more…]