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Spatial variation in historic bride cost techniques

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

Into the DRC, bride pricing is described as la dot (the French word for dowry, although the repayment is manufactured out of the groom’s household to your bride’s household) or biuma in Tshiluba, the language talked within the south-central the main DRC, where we obtained our data. Although, historically, there was clearly variation in wedding re re re payment traditions, today bride price is practised among all groups that are ethnic this area of the DRC. Bride cost also functions as appropriate evidence of wedding, and a few aren’t considered hitched until a bride pricing is compensated in complete. Consequently, bride cost can be essential for inheritance and determining the lineage of any young ones regarding the wedding since, in cases where a spouse dies, it permits a spouse to show which they were formally hitched. Chondoka (1988: 158) writes that usually ‘marriages had been all legalized on distribution of this “main” payments’.

The present day training of br (p. 121) work with the bride’s household). Using more in depth information from Vansina (1966) on 300 ethnic teams in the DRC, we’ve coded historic bride cost techniques at an even more disaggregated ethnicity degree. These techniques ranged from no re re payment of bride cost, bride cost re re payments of varying value that is economic bride solution, or re re re payment of dowry. [more…]