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Wedding in Sweden. None associated with the certificates can be avove the age of four months.

Saturday, May 9th, 2020

Since 2009 Sweden has a sex neutral wedding legislation, meaning same intercourse partners could possibly get hitched underneath the exact same conditions as reverse intercourse partners. As a international resident without residency in Sweden it is possible to, in some cases, additionally get hitched in Sweden.

Needs and procedures whenever engaged and getting married

You don’t have actually to reside (have residency) in Sweden or have Swedish citizenship to get hitched in Sweden. If neither regarding the two have actually Swedish citizenship or residency in Sweden, they require have residency (or one have actually citizenship and also the other one have actually residency) in a nation where exact same intercourse partnership or marriage is appropriate.

Inquiry into impediments to wedding

Before a few can marry, the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) must conduct an inquiry into impediments of wedding (hindersprovning). The couple must register a written demand towards the Swedish Tax Agency. Applications, unfortuitously just in Swedish, can be seen in the Agency’s site.

In accordance with law that is swedish listed here are considered impediments to wedding:

  • Being beneath the chronilogical age of 18 (the County Administrative Board (Lansstyrelsen) can give an exclusion with this guideline)
  • Being hitched or registered as partner to someone aside from usually the one you are going to marry
  • Being closely linked to the person you’re going to marry; a linear direct ascendant or descendant or even a sibling that is full. Adopted siblings are thought siblings that are full regulations, but could get authorization to marry through the County Administrative Board, to marry.

As soon as the Swedish Tax Agency has made the inquiry a certificate is got by you showing that the inquiry is finished and, if all goes well, a married relationship certification. The certification is legitimate for four months through the date of official official certification. [more…]