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Disturbing Hegemonic Discourse: Nonbinary Gender and Sexual Orientation Labeling on Tumblr2

Thursday, June 11th, 2020


Information had been gathered utilizing the webclipping tool Zotero whenever possible, and pages that are saving with regards to was not. The written text through the bio bins and About me personally pages ended up being compiled and coded to aid an interpretation of recurring forms of information utilizing NVivo pc software. That is, the info from bio bins and About me personally pages had been mainly coded to point what forms of information bloggers share. To be able to examine the communal areas of NBG&SO identification construction—a sensation noted by Tiidenberg (2012, 2013, 2014a, 2014b)—I tracked which bloggers included an ask package (think inbox) and noted when they monitored their reactions to presented asks via a web link on their Tumblelog. Ask bins and tracked tags are often connected into the bio package from the primary web page of the blogger’s Tumblr, though this hinges on the Tumblelog’s theme. Hyper hyper Links to a blogger’s selfies or individual posts—posts agent of this writer, their feelings, or their thoughts—are additionally often present in bio containers, primary pages, and About me personally. In addition noted whether or otherwise not bloggers connected squirt webcam selfie tags and individual tags (see dining dining Table 1).

Dining Dining Dining Table 1. Overview.

Dining Dining Table 1. Overview.

We initially utilized descriptive coding as described by Johnny Saldana (2014) to evaluate themselves and the types of personal information shared (such as favorite television shows, music, and books) about me pages and bio boxes, examining how bloggers referred to. [more…]