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13 Reasons Why’s Alisha Boe speaks season 3, debate and being a nightmare teen

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

The Netflix show star describes why 13 explanations why continues push the boundaries with its depiction of dark teenage storylines.

Attention-seeking teenage drama just isn’t a brand new thing. But at this time, possibly inside your, teenager programs depict some exceptionally triggering situations.

brand New HBO show Euphoria recently upped the ante with headline grabbing scenes of medications, intercourse and another Direction fanfiction. But possibly the many storyline that is controversial of times stays compared to 13 explanations why, which showcased a committing suicide scene in its first show.

“The controversy will usually proceed with the show because we cover a controversial topic,” says Alisha Boe, who’s played Jessica Davis within the Netflix drama since its first in 2017.

“The environment is with in a senior school with 16-18 year olds, which helps it be extremely uncomfortable and difficult to view.

“You kind of don’t like to know individuals that young undergo some of that material – the battles – or need certainly to proceed through those extremely experiences that are traumatic particularly with moms and dads viewing it.”

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