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DateVersion Description
2008-Nov-17 09:12    44    Check-in [44]: fix name  By rse. (diff)
2008-Oct-25 10:20    43    Check-in [43]: try to be more precise in matching  By rse. (diff)
2008-Oct-25 10:09    42    Check-in [42]: use sitefile: as is  By rse. (diff)
2008-Aug-28 19:35    41    Check-in [41]: allow one to prefix the path with an absolute URL  By rse. (diff)
2008-Feb-05 20:15    39    Check-in [39]: second attempt in making the matching more precise  By rse. (diff)
2008-Feb-04 21:36    38    Check-in [38]: fix extlink plugin in case of a <a> without a 'href' attribute  By rse. (diff)
2007-Apr-01 11:15    22    Check-in [22]: enable keyword expansion  By rse. (diff)
2007-Apr-01 11:10    21    Check-in [21]: improve external link plugin  By rse. (diff)
2007-Mar-17 08:20    15    Check-in [15]: store jQuery external link plugin  By rse.