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DateVersion Description
2007-Apr-01 11:09    20    Check-in [20]: fix syntax  By rse. (diff)
2007-Mar-13 21:06    12    Check-in [12]: complete overhaul of the scheduler plugin  By rse. (diff)
2007-Mar-13 18:14    11    Check-in [11]: allow flexibile calling convention also for method  By rse. (diff)
2007-Feb-15 22:27    7    Check-in [7]: place this stuff under GPL for now  By rse. (diff)
2007-Feb-15 20:50    6    Check-in [6]: remove crap comment  By rse. (diff)
2007-Feb-15 20:10    4    Check-in [4]: add keyword expansion and allow one to use time abbreviations  By rse. (diff)
2007-Feb-14 17:33    2    Check-in [2]: store my latest jQuery plugin hacks onto ToT  By rse.